Revenue Marketing Strategy Series

The Enterprise Playbook to Social Lead Generation

Facebook and LinkedIn offer an impressive reach, precise targeting, and the ability to capture leads directly within the platform, making them increasingly appealing to B2B marketers eager to drive demand and increase revenue. Social has the potential to be a high-volume, high-velocity channel for B2B marketers who aren’t afraid to embrace new strategies to capitalize and scale.

Download “The Enterprise Playbook to Social Lead Gen” to learn:

  • Why enterprise B2B Marketers are spending big on LinkedIn and Facebook
  • How to embrace channel nuances like short forms without sacrificing accuracy or completeness of lead data
  • Where automation can help further scale social lead gen success and get priority leads to sales faster
  • How to measure impact and make social a predictable lead source

The revenue marketing series is a compilation of thought leadership and success stories from Integrate customers, organized into a guide for enterprise marketing leaders who are researching new ways to scale revenue impact. This playbook focuses on executing a scalable demand generation strategy over social channels, but there are many other demand gen strategies to consider and integrate - like ABM, events, webinars, forms, and content syndication.

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