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Powerful Words from the Game Changers

“Manage the Outcomes, NOT just the execution! Launching campaigns is easy - but how you manage its outcomes - to course correct, expand and amplify with revenue as the ultimate goal – is what matters. You are not “driving revenue” by just launching a campaign in market.”

Jess Weimer, Magento | an Adobe Company

“The biggest challenge is change. Change in the way we go to market. Change in the way we interact with customers. Change in the way marketing functions in the organization. Change in the way we use technology.”

Omar Al-Sinjari | McKesson/RelayHealth Pharmacy

“Marketers who take the lead and embrace the partnerships and challenges associated with this shift to orchestration will be highly sought after.”

Ali Biggs | AdRoll Group

“Start with a crisp articulation of the problem; I spend a ton of time up front in defining what I want to solve, then look at pieces that can solve it. There are over to 5000 legitimate vendors in 54 different marketing stacks I can choose from. The ones that fit my particular use case will likely fit on one hand.”

Hideo Esaka | Thomson Reuters

“Empathetic by nature, game changers can quickly zero in on what drives people and then leverage that insight to motivate and excite them. Game Changers learn from the past but don’t dwell there, focusing instead on today’s positives and how to leverage them for the future.”

Diana Buxton | Cognizant

“Revenue Marketers are marked by a combination of curiosity, accountability, creativity, collaboration, and analytics. They realize that they do not just drive frothy leads, they drive predictable, reliable, forecastable, non-churny revenue. They know they must engage not just today’s prospects but today’s customers and tomorrow’s prospects.”

Jim D’Arcangelo | Industry Consultant

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