Marketing Tech Blueprint Workbook


How to Illustrate Your Architecture for Smarter Marketing Decisions

Marketing organizations are going through another wave of digital transformation to keep pace with evolving market needs. We’re inundated with data and technology, but much of it is disconnected from our core systems, underutilized or misaligned with changing marketing strategies and processes.

B2B marketers need practical tools to help us understand our tech infrastructure and the data the flows through it. Without this understanding, we’re handicapped from providing our full value to the business.

After thorough research, Integrate and Capstone Insights developed the new edition of the MarTech Blueprint Workbook to help marketers create their own, customizable tools to better understand, leverage and plan their MarTech stacks.

This resource provides step-by-step guidance through each stage of the MarTech blueprinting process and several templates to help you and your team create useful visualizations of your tech architecture. With these tools in place, your team will be better equipped to:

  • Understand your tech and data infrastructure holistically
  • Identify roadblocks to address, as well as opportunities for scale
  • Share ideas and roadmaps with stakeholders
  • Align tech investments with evolving marketing and sale strategies

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